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Documents are available to order online if a box appears in the 'Order' column. Enter the number you are ordering, and the number you currently have 'In Stock'. Advisors are encouraged to use the PDF or online version of forms whenever possible.

Available online in printable PDF format

Available only in the advisor version of the manual. Advisors will require a passcode from the national office.

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Chapter Forms Archive Cover
Officers' Instructions
Available Online
Directory cards for new initiates
Directory cards for new initiates (2-up version)
Chapter Minutes forms
DIALOGUE Poster/Flier and subscription order form
DIALOGUE (Sample Issue)
PHI SIGMA TAU Poster/Flier
Supply Order Form (PDF version of this form)
What Is an Honor Society? (flier)
Regalia: Order Form & Info
Annual Report to ACHS 2017-2018     Available Online
PST NEWSLETTER (Current Issue)
Available Online
PST Manual
Available Online
  Manual excerpt: History of PST
Available Online
  Manual excerpt: PST Constitution/By-Laws
Available Online
  Manual excerpt: Installation Ceremony (new chapters)
Available Online
  Manual excerpt: Initiation Ceremony (new members)
Available Online
  Manual excerpt: Current Chapter Listing
Available Online
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