(As amended through April, 2000) (This version printed, January, 2024)


SEC. 1. Chapter and Dues.

Clause 1 — The application for granting a charter to a petition group must be accompanied by a charter fee, and this fee is determined by the Executive Council at the beginning of each fiscal year. Under circumstances where state or local laws prohibit payment by a college or university for charters, the Executive Secretary is authorized to accept an institutional subscription fee in the same amount for DIALOGUE and in lieu of the charter fee. If the application for a charter is not endorsed by the Executive Council, the charter fee will be returned. There shall be no return of the charter fee in the event that the charter is not ratified by chapter votes.

Clause 2 — No annual fees payable to the National Office will be assessed. Each active member received into the Society shall pay an initiation fee, the total amount of which is determined by the local chapter. $25.00 of such amount shall be paid to the National Office. The fee shall not include the cost of a key.

SEC. 2. Fees for Charter Members.

Clause 1 — Following granting of a charter, but before installation of a new chapter, each charter member shall pay to the National Office an entrance fee of $25.00. This fee shall not include the cost of a key.

Clause 2 — The travel expenses of the installing party shall be paid by the new chapter or the institution at which it is resident.

Clause 3 — The entrance fees for alumni members shall be identical with fees of other members.

SEC. 3. Fees for New Members.

Clause 1 — Each active member received into the Society shall pay to the National Office, prior to his/her reception into membership, an entrance fee of $25, which will not include the cost of the key.

Clause 2 — Members wishing PST Keys may order them using forms supplied by the Executive Secretary, and at a price scale determined by the Executive Council.

Clause 3 — For each honorary member, the chapter shall pay to the National Office a fee of $25.00.

Clause 4 — The National Office will bear all expenses incidental to providing membership certificates and other materials, including the PST Key, to members of the Laureate Chapter.

Clause 5 — All issues of the PST Newsletter and DIALOGUE will be issued to chapters in numbers representing the total active membership at time of issue. Alumni members may receive these publications via membership in the National Alumni Chapter, or by personal subscriptions (without membership in the National Alumni Chapter) at the current rates.

ARTICLE II — Amendments to By-Laws

SEC. 1. Amendments. These By-Laws may be amended by mail ballot upon recommendation of the Executive Council, and a majority vote of active chapters, or by a favorable majority vote of delegates at a National Convention.

SEC. 2. Votes. Votes by mail upon proposed changes in these By-Laws shall be considered as favorable if not received within a period of thirty days after mailing of the notice for proposed changes.

SEC. 3. Petitions. Upon the request of five active chapters, the Executive Secretary shall submit any proposed amendments to these By-Laws, as provided in Section 1 above.



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